Beth Jacob Bequest Challenge

Friends, we have an amazing fundraising opportunity. 

When you include Beth Jacob Synagogue in your will, trust, or estate plans, an anonymous donor will give us $500 -- immediately.

If you've already included Beth Jacob Synagogue in your estate plans, thank you! It's the same opportunity: we receive $500. But first you need to fill out the bequest form linked below.

Bequest form

Bequests and other "legacy gifts" provide long-term financial stability for any nonprofit, including our little synagogue. Thanks to generous past bequests, we've built a healthy operating reserve. Now it's your chance to be part of our sustainable future -- and also help to support Beth Jacob Synagogue today.

As you prepare your will, you can remember us several ways, including:
* A fixed amount -- any amount qualifies for the challenge
* A percentage of your assets
* A specific asset, such as real estate

Here's an example.  Treasurer, Andy Robinson, has designated Beth Jacob Synagogue to receive 2.5% of my assets when he passes away -- and he is excited to have done so.

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Robinson at Most attorneys can help you prepare your will for a modest fee. 

To be clear: we DON'T need to know the specifics of your bequest, nor do we need a copy of your will -- but we DO need you to fill out the attached form.

May you live a long, happy life -- and may you continue to do good even when you're no longer here.